Welcome from Raven Cayne

Welcome to the Artists Corner! The Stargate Portal between your mind and mine.  If you wish to join the breakaway silicon civilization one needs an Avatar presence in the virtual world omni-verse to become more than unknown. So why, why now? 

 The Raven shape shifted upon the scene. He peered to the left, then to the right, fixed his black eyes and in an instant was eye to eye, talons gripping deep. And spoke... Become still... Keep your lamp lit and free from flickering in the winds of the mind for I have strong words for you. The Sword of Words is the two edged blade of truth in your mind's eye. One edge flashes light and its keen sharpness liberates. The other edge flashes not and its dull thud enslaves. This Sword of Words slices through the mind unnoticed, like a Shadow in the Night. 

Before you come of age in Wisdom and Righteousness this Shadow of the Night longs to become you and steal your life in the light. The Word seduces while the Shadow plunders. This insatiable parasite engorges itself until you are engulfed in darkness, with only the light of self deception to brighten your path.

 The Raven loosed his talons grip, darted to the tree of life, turned and warned... be wise as Ravens as you walk through the valley of life. But you are afraid and disregard them at every opportunity. For this ingratitude you pay with your captivity. Dogs, on the other hand, tell men what they wish to hear, so as to be well fed. Man mistakes this cunning for leadership. Ravens tell men what they do not wish to hear. This my friend is love and the hand of friendship offered.