Music Curriculum Development





If you are inspired to bring a Private Music School to fruition, develop semester duration plans that reflect Arizona State Standards, dreamed about the creation of an after school enrichment program... or simply wish to begin teaching students privately and are not sure of fundamental teaching methods... I can help.

I have taught 5th and 6th grades and played a dual role as Lead Teacher/ Administrator of a Media Arts High School. In each instance I introduced after school Enrichment Programs in Music and Dance performance when education budget cuts eliminated many class opportunities. It is truly sad that budget considerations quickly resort to the Arts as the "first to go."

These activities are exceedingly attractive to young people and capture that very elusive quality... the joy of learning within the context of school. Music and dance performance is ultimately mathematics in sound and motion. The social skills engendered through teamwork is the very essence of humanity studies. Performance Art enhances the development of sustained concentration abilities that lays the foundation for critical thinking and problem solving. And of course, competency in the Arts provides the most important building block for future success, self esteem.

The fact that students "show up" for Art enrichment programs minimizes punitive actions and provides relief for school staff who every day, week, month, year are faced with the formidable task of ensuring attendance to guarantee funding.

What are you planning? Write me.

Curtis W Conley