Raven Cayne

Observing the Creative Landscape

It would certainly seem natural that over time musicians, psychologists by necessity, would “pay attention” to the day to day details of a lifetime experiencing the world from the bubble that is the musician’s experience. Perhaps even chronicle the inner journey that is generally missing amongst the discipline of rehearsal, the glitter of performing, emotional moments both high, low, funny and in particular, the seductive wooing of the creative muse.

And all within the ever evolving historical/political society within which the musician operates. Quite often a whole handful of seemingly disparate events, thoughts, reactions are meaningfully summed up in one interesting anecdote. Often times the mystery of it all beckons “unknowing” as well as “knowing.”

One may argue whether life imitates art or whether art imitates life but one thing is certain… the likes/dislikes of the mass consumer move very slowly, are historically and geographically rooted, and the wise artist may tempt the consensus around the fringe… or simply respond to each trend as it occurs, albeit a bit behind the curve at all times.

So here it is… addressing the Inner Journey of one individual’s timeline with the hope that there are others who may find something of common value that escapes popular media and textbook formality.

So check out the Artists Corner and join me as I unravel decades of "in the trenches"observations, anecdotes, stories and pearls of wisdom gained from experience and a variety of genius level musicians it has been my privilige to have known and created with.

For you musicians - look out for little tricks called "devices"  to help push you ahead in the struggle to bring complex concepts down from your head to your fingertips.

And for the lyricists and the curious there will be creative writing techniques and a historical journey through the ages related to Philosophy, Tarot, Gematria, and Astrology.

I will personally answer your questions in the discussion section drop under the Artists' Corner. Now that the site is pretty much constructed I can turn my attention to saturating the Artists' Corner with content you won't get anywhere else. Sign up and I will let you know every time there is a new post. 

Upcoming topics…

Dominating the Phrygian Dominant

Targeting 3rds & 7ths & 9ths

What was Crowley’s secret embedded in his Tarot Cards?

Rehearsal strategies for showcase rock.


In the preface to Crowleys Book of Thoth it is said that "in the Major Arcana the images of the artist leaps forth." Artists have used Tarot cards as tools of prognostication and templates of creative endeavor in areas of discipline as varied as theater, music, literature, mathematics, painting, sculpture and architecture. This is how they recognize each other without the silly secret handshakes, gestures and other cereal box codes. We will discuss "acquiring the eye" for symbolic representation so one my add these insights to  one's work.  Artists are, after all, the inheritors of a long tradition that demands they cast their eye over the human condition and symbolically portray what they observe... to stimulate and broaden perspective through the arts, and thereby lift the gaze of our fellow travelers.



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I have exotic tips and observations that all Guitarists, Lyricists and Musicians will find applicable in their Inner Journey. Making difficult music theory concepts simple, band psychology and group dynamics, all derived from decades of real world performance experience and formal training. Creative writing techniques, using sources for inspiration from the dusty, sometimes secret history of occult symbology. I will notify you of each new blog entry as it is uploaded. You will not be disappointed but must have... seriously... a sense of humor.

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