the Dark Angel

A sword is intended to divide things. A rapier to pierce. A short dagger to the heart from a place of concealment. And so it is with messengers from places of concealment. Among us arose an Angel of depravity who through dark ramblings intended to leave clues to posterity, and through beastly and outrageous hedonism misdirected our attention to cloud his intent.

Crowley chose his weapons with care as any magician contemplating the inherent disharmony of the elements upon the mercurial metal of consciousness. The magical dagger was thrust to expose the hidden coin of Saturn polluting pure waters with Scorpionic deceit and Piscean poison.

Aleister Crowley clearly etched out the conspiracy of the hidden hands of treason. Not by name, but by deeds, for it is not wise to know names. You must, by now, realize that all secret societies are criminal and behind every great house is a history of buried crimes. 

Before we continue our narrative relevant historical background must be brought to the foreground as support. There was, in Crowleys time, a very public psychic war manifesting between competing secret society factions. So much so that this war was prominently covered by the newspapers of the day.

As with all human institutions, there were conflicts over leadership and direction. Aleister Crowley stood accused of the flagrant revelation of secrets in violation of oaths. In fact, a rival claimed that he had given it all away. The most public of these alleged violations was the production of the Crowley Tarot Deck. 

This card deck was not some offhand triviality intended solely for recreation. The production of these cards entailed five years of labor to, as Crowley put it, modernize the deck with the scientific achievements of the day. The wife of an aristocratic Briton executed the artwork under the personal direction of Aleister and... these mystical art pieces were held in  exhibition at a major museum in London.

It must be borne in mind that Crowley died in 1948. This clearly indicates that the conspiracy to which the cards refer was fully framed and agreed upon prior to his death. Crowley’s prescience is nothing less than his encoding of a conspiracy between science and the self anointed powers lording over this earth.

And presented with the dilemma posed by a population lacking even a general understanding of the old ways, Crowley chose to leave us a pictographic map. It is from the possession of this map of dishonorable intentions that you may determine a personal safe haven and comprehend the source of the tempest blowing around you.

Crowleys map, specifically the 22 Major Arcana, is of sufficient age that you may judge of its accuracy by the events that have already passed before your eyes. If they be true... you shall see the gift this angel has bequeathed. 

You are well advised to have a Crowley Tarot deck at hand. Our discussion, personal viewing, and meditation of the symbology residing on these cards is critical to a deeper understanding. For all musicians are magicians…

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