Alien Queen

While reading Friedrich Nietzche's Thus Spake Zarathustra I came across a sentence (in quotes at the end of this post) that was so powerful I spent many midnight evenings thinking what kind of mythological narrative could support such a statement...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Alien Queen

Our lovely Mother Planet Earth, our mistress of mystery. This Goddess of abundance and fertility - from whom all things have begun and flourished. Oh Blessed one, revered so passionately as Ishtar of the Babylon, Isis of the Egyptian Alchemists, Diana of the Mysteries - The warmth of her care, her love, the hearth of life. Such is the heavenly mother who gives, and gives, and gives. 

Alas oh mankind, for how long shall she give freely to you, from whose dust you are formed? What duration of abuse shall her children endure at the hands of your selfish greed? Exploitation, starvation and fear! As the decadence and violence of mankind spreads like a dark plague - our goddess experiences a golden vision. 

I shall take material form and chose one mortal from all with whom I shall mate. Thereby sealing a covenant with my chosen people, and offer the child as a gift of exalted genius, to serve all mankind as the enemy of suffering and pain. One who would restore earth to her former days of innocence and glory. 

From all a mate was chosen - strong, intelligent, handsome. The marriage was set to an auspicious alignment of Venus, the Sun and the Moon. The multitudes wept with joy and longed to witness this ceremony of love and atonement.  As time passed though, the warlords of earth seduced the mortal with gold and dreams of power. He was to kill the goddess at her moment of weakness. The Temple Priests, in secret conspiracy, demanded she be offered up as a blood sacrifice to the god of war… as penance for her blasphemy. The wickedness of mankind was destined to prevail. 

At the moment of the divine embrace the mortal, overwhelmed by the beauty of the goddess, drops his dagger… and brutally assaults the goddess and impregnates her with the collective evil genius of mankind. As the mortal withers and dies there is a flash of blinding light… the multitudes recoil in panic and begin to scatter. 

An embryo remains… 

Metamorphosis begins… 

Bizarre insect sounds and reptilian thrashings float like perverse melodies from the interior of the egg. Soon, a crack appears… and the pupae Alien Queen emerges. Immense, reptilian, beautiful, she strides menacingly and as her speech clears, she peers out and hisses… 

“If there is anyone more godless than I, let them come forth, that I may rejoice in their teaching!

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